Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is the only Blackjack variant where a player has luxury to cheat with the card swap rule. Mostly played in Playtech casinos, Blackjack

Switch is more fun than the classic Blackjack version.

Rules for Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a lot different from normal Blackjack, as in this game when a dealer gets a hand of 22 instead of calling it a Bust the hand is called Push against the player’s hand. The exception to this rule is when the player’s hand is a Blackjack.

  • The basic rules like Hit, Stand, Insurance and Surrender are similar to the ones played in a regular Blackjack game.
  • This game is played with six or eight decks of cards, with 52 cards in each deck.
  • In Blackjack switch, player is dealt with two hands against dealer’s one hand.
  • Player has to make two different bets of same value.
  • Player is allowed to swap the top cards of both the hands dealt to him.
  • In this Blackjack variant, dealer’s Blackjack will always lose against the player’s Blackjack.
  • Player is allowed to double on a hand of any two cards.
  • The re-split rule says that player can opt for re-splitting options up to four cards.
  • In Blackjack switch split after double is permitted.
  • In Blackjack switch a Blackjack hand is gets a payout of 1:1, unlike the normal 3:2 Blackjack payout.
  • Dealer, when playing Blackjack switch, has to hit on a soft hand of 17.
  • Splitting and re-splitting is allowed in even a hand with aces.
  • Doubling after the splitting of aces is not allowed, while some casinos allow it with few restrictions.

Tips for Blackjack Switch

A major winning tip in Blackjack switch is to Hit whenever the player has a hand that totals eight or less than eight. Also if the hand consists of one card as ace and other card totaling four or less, a hit is a good idea. The tip for Standing includes a hand that totals 17 or a hand with one card as ace and other totaling eight or less than eight.

House Edge

In Blackjack switch, when played the basic rules, the house edge is around 0.58% when dealer hits on a soft hand of 17 played with six decks. But the house edge tends to vary with the variations. a game played with right decks offers a house edge of +0.02% , when the dealer decides to stand on a soft hand of 17, the house edge is -0.30% , switched Blackjack is always a winner with -0.40% and Blackjack winner offers -0.21% .