Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack is another attractive game from the Blackjack variations with rules similar to the ones used in a classic version, of twenty-one Blackjack. Played with two card decks, players in this game have to simply make a winning hand that beats the hand total of dealer, without going beyond the 21 hand limit. While the objective is similar to a normal Blackjack game, the difference lies in the bonus element involved in the Bonus Blackjack variation.

Rules for Bonus Blackjack

A hand with Ace and Jack with spade suits is considered as one of the best hand in the Bonus Blackjack game, which has probability of appearing after every 52 rounds in this game. Bonus Blackjack becomes a different game from standard Blackjack game, when players make a bet on their initial two cards. In Bonus Blackjack, apart from 21, player also needs Jack of spades and Ace of spades.

  • Player is dealt with two face-up cards and dealer gets one face up and one face down card.
  • Hitting after a split is allowed in Bonus Blackjack.
  • Players can double any two cards in Bonus Blackjack.
  • Dealer has to hit a hand of soft 17.
  • In Bonus Blackjack, splitting is allowed but up to four hands.
  • Like splitting, re-splitting is also allowed up to four hands in Bonus Blackjack.
  • This is not a multi hand game.
  • Each card has the standard Blackjack value, where two is two and ten is ten, also face cards like Jack, Queen and King are ten.
  • Whenever there is a push in Bonus Blackjack, the game has no winner.
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • The Blackjack payout in Bonus is the standard 3:2.
  • Double after split and hit after doubling is allowed in Bonus Blackjack.


A hand of Ace and Jack with spades pays a 50 to 1, while Ace and Jack with other suits offers payout of 25:1. Pairs totaling 21 with any other cards instead of Ace and Jack with same suit offers a payout of 5:2. Blackjack hand of 21 in this variant has a standard payout of 3:2.