Caribbean 21

Caribbean 21 is a blackjack variant introduced by one of the major gaming software, Real Time Gaming (RTG). Played with 8 decks of 52 cards in each, Caribbean 21 is played with the basic goal of getting a hand nearest to 21 and not more than that.

Players in Caribbean 21 are given the liberty to split any two cards as well as to hit and redouble in a game, even after doubling.

Rule for Caribbean 21

The card values in Caribbean 21 is similar to that in a classic blackjack game, ad number cards have their face values and face cards and tens are calculated as ten. One major difference is that in this Blackjack variant, Aces are always a hard card of one and are never taken as soft 11.

  • There is no hole card and dealer always receives one face up card, while the players get two Face up cards
  • Surrender can be done at any point and surrender after splitting is based on the hand.
  • Doubling can be done anytime with either two or more cards.
  • Doubling and Redoubling after split is also allowed.
  • A hand with an ace and a ten value card is called Caribbean 21 and it is always the highest ranking card.
  • Dealer can win ties in Caribbean 21.
  • Caribbean 21 pays payout of 3:2.
  • An insurance against dealer’s Caribbean 21 is allowed when the dealer’s card is Ace.
  • Dealer has to hit on a soft hand of 17.
  • Rules like Hit, Split, Double and Surrender are similar to the ones in a standard blackjack game.
  • Payout in insurance is 9:1.

Insurance and Splitting

Insurance in Caribbean 21 blackjack can be taken when the dealer has an Ace, as its face up or open card. If and when the dealer in insurance draws a card valuing ten, the player gets a payout of 9:1. In Caribbean 21, player can take insurance any time on the half amount of the bet made.

Splitting rule sin Caribbean 21 is quite flexible and allows players to turn odds towards them. The house edge in a carefully played game is always 0.19%. Players can split the first two cards and turn the game towards them. By simply understanding the splitting rules and conditions, player can make Caribbean 21 a simple and easy game to play.