Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is a unique variant of Blackjack which is very popular in Atlantic city. The basic rules of Double Attack Blackjack are based on the traditional Blackjack but other rules are full of twists which results in an innovative and exciting game. The main difference between Double Blackjack game and the standard Blackjack is that it is played with eight Spanish decks of cards. Each Spanish card deck is made up of 48 card decks which is same as 52 card deck but 4 tens are removed from it.

Rules for Double Attack Blackjack

The rules of Double Attack Blackjack are modified version of standard Blackjack. The rules of Double Attack Blackjack start differing from the beginning of the game. When the dealer deals the first card to all the players and before he provides the second card the players can use ‘Double Attack’ in which they can double their initial wager. The player needs to match his Double Attack bet at the time of splitting. If the player opts to surrender then he tends to get half of his double attack bet. After dealer gives second card to all the players. The players choose to hit, stand, double down or split and after all the players and dealer have taken their turn, the winners are determined. The players also have the option of using the bonus side bet called ‘Bust it’ before the dealer’s up card is dealt. This bet depends upon busting of the third card of the dealer. Some of the other rules of the game are-

Double Attack Blackjack uses 48 card Spanish decks.
Dealer stands on soft 17.
Insurance is pated 5:2.
Re-doubling is not allowed.
Players are allowed to double after splitting.
Players can surrender or double down any time in the game.
Blackjack pays off even 1:1.
Split Aces get one one card only.
Payout 15:1 when dealer busts with third card as 6.
Payout 10:1 when dealer busts with third card as 7.
Payout 8:1 when dealer busts with third card as 8 .
Payout 6:1 when dealer busts with third card as 9.
Payout 200:1 when dealer busts with suited 8-8-8.
Payout 50:1 when dealer busts with colored 8-8-8.