Errors to avoid while playing Blackjack

Like most of the other card games, Blackjack too is a mind game with a certain psychology to it. It has been see that even players who are well versed with its rules and terms make errors that can be easily avoided by understanding the basic psychology of the game.

The simple and avoidable errors can be overcome by playing with a strategy as well as a basic idea of things to do and not to do when playing online Blackjack.

Never take Blackjack lightly

There is no doubt that Blackjack is one of the easiest card game with simple rules and no big skills, but when you are new to online casinos playing with overconfidence can prove costly.

Don’t play on any casino site

You are bound to make silly mistakes when you prefer to play at a casino you have no idea about. A casino with no certification or an unknown software backup can prove a disaster, since it offers no guarantee of secure monetary transactions, quality graphics as well as fair game play. An unreliable casino site means the blackjack you are playing possibly has no RNG to it.

Do not play when in a bad mood

Playing Blackjack in an agitated mood or when under the influence of an alcoholic drink always tops the list of things not to do. Playing when not in a controlled state of emotions always affects the decision making ability, thus you make errors that can be avoided otherwise.

Don’t stand at 16

A large section of players make a psychological error of standing at 16, as they have a fear of getting busted by going over the total 21. 16 is the total where the probability of both winning and getting a bust is quite high at the same time, many players prefer to lose to the dealer rather than going Bust, what they don’t realize is that either way they lose the money and taking a Hit in fact increases the wining odds.

Avoid playing Double Down, very often

Double Down is an intelligent option that, despite a little risk involved, has the benefit of turning the game to your favor. But that does not mean playing it every time is a good idea, especially when your hand total is not even close to 16.

Earning double of the original wining amount is always an attractive option, but taking unnecessary risk at every game, even when the odds are low, is a mistake that can be avoided.