Negative Progressive Betting System

Blackjack is a famous casino gambling game which has been played since centuries. Since the evolution of Blackjack the players have been building different strategies to play and win the game. Progressive Blackjack betting system offers the players with the opportunity to gain more profits instead of playing a flat game. A player using the progressive strategy can at times loose money but if used tactically, the strategy increases the winnings of the players and they can get ahead with the game by minimizing their losses. The progressive betting systems have been used since hundred of years. The progressive betting system includes negative and positive progressive blackjack betting system. Negative Progressive Blackjack betting system is when the player bets more money after he looses the initial bet. Some of the negative progressive betting systems are-

Martingale Betting System

Martingale Blackjack strategy is one of the well known negative progressive betting system. It is one of the oldest and simplest form of betting system. The players cannot make big amount of money by using Martingale Betting system. This betting system can lead to lose of 7-8 hands in a row which can empty the large bankroll of the player. Suppose a player is playing Blackjack and using the Martingale betting strategy and if he starts the bet with $1 and looses the first bet so in the second bet he will use $2 which is double the initial bet. If he looses the second bet then in the third bet he will use the double of the second bet which is $4 and if he still looses the third bet then the fourth bet would be $8 which is the double amount of third bet. If he wins the fourth bet then the total amount of money lost in the three bets will be $7 and the amount received in fourth bet will be $8 which gives the payer a profit of $1.

Labouchere Betting System

Labouchere Betting System is a negative progression system been used since years. It is also popular with the names like ‘Crossout’, ‘Cancellation’, ‘Labby’ and ‘Split martingale’. This betting system can be found in different variations. In Labouchere betting system the player forms the series of set of numbers which may or may not be in sequence as per the game that the player is playing. Every number of the series represents the unit of the amount that the player is going to bet. Before betting the player adds the first and the last number of the series. After winning the bet the player crosses both the numbers and in case the player looses the bet then he is suppose to write the betting number(addition of first and last number) in the end of the series. Once the players wins all the bets of the entire series he can begin a new circle.