Rules to play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most easy and exciting gambling game played in every casino. The gaining popularity of Online Blackjack has provided the players with the convenience to play by sitting at home. But for the beginners to become professional players it is important that they have complete knowledge of the rules used in playing Blackjack. The basic rules used in playing Blackjack are given below-

Aim of Blackjack

In Blackjack each player competes against the dealer. The players in blackjack are required to reach the card score of 21 or near to it for beating the dealer and winning the game.

Card Values

Aces are worth one or eleven and face cards( Jacks, Kings and Queens) are worth10 points. The other regular cards from 2 to 10 carry the same points as their numbers.


If player exceeds the cards total of 21 then it is considered a ‘bust’ due to which the player looses the bet.


A tie between the score of the dealer and player is called ‘push’ and in this both get their back.


A player wins automatically if the he/she attains a total of 21 from a face card and an Ace. This is called ‘Blackjack’ in which the player tends to win one and a half of the money that he/she had bet for.

Playing the game

In a game of Blackjack both dealer and player are provided with two cards and the dealer always has one card face up and other face down. The player takes cards to get closer to score of 21 and after the player is done the dealer also draws the cards. The dealer is not allowed to draw cards after a score of 17. The player who ends up with more score then the dealer without busting wins the bet. In this process the player makes use of different betting options given below-


Players make use of ‘hit’ button when they require more cards.


A player uses the ‘stand’ button when he want to submit the total count that they have.


A player can use the split option when he gets two cards of same value. He can split the two-cards and bet for both of them with which he gets a chance of winning double money.


Double-Down is in which the player can double his actual bet. But in this case the player is allowed to take only one additional card and in no case he can get more cards.


In this the player surrenders and looses only half of his bet.


If dealer’s showing card is an Ace and face down card is 10 which means natural 21 then the player can use this option and half his actual bet. But if the dealer doesn’t gets a Blackjack then the player looses.