Tips on Splitting in a Blackjack Game

Blackjack has different rules and possibilities, which makes it more exciting than any other card game. Splitting is one such rule where a player gets an option of splitting a hand with two similar cards. Often the most important question asked in a game of Blackjack, irrespective of is variant, is when to Split?

Right splitting strategy basically consists of the idea of which pair to split and which pair to avoid. These strategies also include rules for splitting based on the open card of the dealer. Given below are few of the splitting tips:

  • Experts always advise to split any hand that forms a16, whether it is A5, TEN 6 or 97. Reason to do is that it helps in getting rid of a bad hand that is of no use.
  • Avoid splitting a hand with two tens, two fours and two fives. This is called the UK rule and according to this rule is important that one should avoid splitting face cards and pair of five and four. Splitting face cards means giving up a good hand that totals 20, which is a big blunder.
  • Split two Aces. Although not many casinos allow this rules, it is always advisable to split a pair of Aces, as neither the soft hand of 12 and nor the hard hand of 2 is not of any use.
  • If possible discard split and get rid of the bad hand. This is not a common rule, but can prove helpful in throwing away a hand that is of not much use. Often this rule requires you to follow two main strategies, first when to split which had to discard.
  • A basic rule of splitting is to split your card whenever the face up card of the dealer is between numbers 4 to 7.
  • Rules for splitting pair of nine depends largely upon the face up cards it is good to split two Nines when the face up card of the dealer is anywhere between 2 to 9, with an exception of 7. The reason for not splitting two cards of nine is because the maximum, a dealer could get with one 7 is a hand of seventeen which is easily beatable by two nines.
  • Splitting eights is always a god idea, except in a case where the dealer’s open card is an Ace or Ten.
  • Splitting twos and threes should be always taken into consideration hen the dealer’s face up card is seven or below then seven.