Triple Sevens

Triple Sevens is a Microgaming powered Blackjack game that offers great amount of money to win. A progressive Blackjack variant, Triple Sevens is played with around five 52 card decks. This Blackjack variant is played with an objective similar to regular Blackjack, where player has to simply beat the hand of the dealer without getting a Bust.

Rules for Triple Sevens

Triple Sevens is basically a progressive jackpot with rules different from the regular Blackjack game. Since the game is played with 5 standard card decks, there are five cards for each suit which makes it possible for a player to create a hand with three 7s of diamond.

  • After each hand, the decks are shuffled.
  • Player is allowed to double on cards like 9, 10 and 11.
  • When dealt with Aces, player can split only once.
  • The payout on Blackjack is standard 3:2.
  • The insurance rules for Triple Sevens is 2:1
  • Player may double on any first two cards as well as can split on same cards.
  • In Triple Sevens Blackjack, player must stand on both soft and hard hand of 17.
  • In this Blackjack game, every tie is considered as a push.
  • A double after splitting a hand is not allowed in Triple Sevens Blackjack.
  • Dealer stands on 17 and Hits on anything below 16.

Payout rules for three diamond sevens

When a player creates a hand that has three sevens of diamond suits, he wins a huge progressive jackpot. The rules for progressive jackpot payout differ according to the hand and suits. A hand with triple sevens of same suit earns 1000 credits, whereas a hand of triple sevens with different suits earns 250 credits. Similarly, if the created hand has two sevens of same suits, the player gets 50 credits and if the two sevens are of different suits the credit earned is 7.

Tips for Triple Sevens

Triple Sevens offers an advantage to players as the dealer’s cards are open to all. It is important to remember that players are allowed to double only on numbers from 9 to 11. Player should avoid splitting sevens as this could eliminate bonuses.